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ITP offers consulting services to a select group of clients that are looking to develop or grow their sales program through an indirect sales channel.  ITP can assist our service provider clients with planning, development and ongoing management of a channel program. 

A successful channel program can generate substantial additional revenue for an organization by leveraging existing relationships with current vendors, partners and even sales agencies.  To achieve success, it’s important to provide the right program elements, sales tools and deal support to make doing business with your organization is straightforward and profitable.

ITP is a collective of industry sales leaders striving to help our clients reach their sales potential

Most technology companies sit within a network of complimentary technology partnerships that have the potential to deliver a flow of new opportunities to their business.  These partnerships require focus and mentoring in order to produce business referrals. Often companies are tied up with the management of day to day operations and even sales programming that  makes pursuing these relationships time prohibitive. ITP can help your organization to discover, connect with and capture the opportunities that lie within your network and the broader ecosystem of technology solutions.

ITP maintains a network of:

Sales Agencies


Tech Providers/Vendors

Strategic Partners

Referral Networks

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